‘Broken Record’ Analogy Lost on 13 Year Old

AURORA, Ill. – When 45 year old Thomas Trevino tried to describe his ex-wife
Debbie as “a broken record”, his 13 year old daughter Becky only looked at him
bewildered, having no idea what the hell he was talking about. “Dad said mom
was, like, a record or something. What, like in sports? Mom’s breaking a record
like in basketball or something?”

Trying to illustrate how the details of the
now outdated circular medium for listening to recorded music, Trevino resorted
to wild gestures and frantic gesticulations which only further frustrated his
already annoyed daughter. “No, see a record was round and it was like a cd only
a lot bigger. To listen to the music you put a needle down on it and if it got
scratched or lint got on it sometimes it would get stuck and repeat the same
section over and over…” wailed an exasperated Trevino.

“Whatever. What do
needles have to do with music? I wish he would just shut up. Gawd, I want to go
live with mom,” said Becky with a grimace. Experts believe Trevino might have
had a fighting chance of getting Becky to comprehend if he had described her
mother as “skipping like a poorly transferred mp3”, “looped like a boring
hip-hop track” or was “like watching the same episode of Friends over and