Fwips News Corrections 3/17

An article on January 4th incorrectly read "Britney Spears is a disgusting, slimy strumpet, an unrelenting hussy bent on
whoring herself out to the highest bidder, a repugnant and incompetent idiot
with the mind of a child, a filthy, degenerate cum-receptacle who hands out
hand-jobs like candy on Halloween, a repulsive, sleazy opportunist with a
disease infested coochie who peddles her flesh and prostitutes her maggot
ridden soul." The article instead should have read "Britney Spears is a natural

The February 14th edition of Bookworm Reviews
misidentified the period of hominid development that saw the creation of stone
tools and lasted until the introduction of agriculture as the Neolithic period.
The correct era is the Paleolithic. Several interns have been severely beaten
and sacrificed to the Sun God Ra in hopes that our villages will not be forced
to endure a ruined crop and another famine.

Due to a typographical error that resulted from a few too
many body shots at Hooters the previous night, the March 5th
coverage of the Senate appropriations bill erroneously stated that Majority
Leader John Boehner had a “shit” on the Senate floor. The correct term should
have been “snit.” Fwips apologizes to C-Span internet archives for the flood of
Google searches that shut down their servers for over two days.

An article in the Science section of February 2nd
misidentified the mechanism for the conversion of light energy using a special
protein environment where electrons are transferred once the photosynthetic
pigment molecules in a plant absorb light as Chlorophyll. The correct
scientific term for this function is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

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