Girl Extremely Talented at Being Naked

Hot_brunetteNEW YORK –
Michelle Stansler’s dream of being recognized for her God
given talent of looking hot while buck naked finally came true after starring
in Blowfinger Productions straight-to-internet video entitled Hot N’Nasty: Flesh
Fest Five

“I just knew that the Lord had blessed me with unparalleled abilities
unlike anyone else. It was just a matter of finding the right forum to display
to the world my distinct and exceptional talents.”

With no singing, dancing or athletic ability whatsoever and
a near-retarded IQ of 94, Michelle seemed fated for a life of mediocrity and anonymity. Her
only hope seemed to find a strong, wealthy man to take care of her and save her
from what certainly would be an unimpressive and tiresome life doomed to be
forgotten in the dust bin of memory.

But quite by accident, Michelle discovered her stunning ability to be naked, when last November a strong gust
of wind blew up her skirt near a local construction site causing the workers to
whistle and gawk. “I had no idea I had an aptitude for exposing my voluptuous bubble butt, or the unique effect it would have on men. How lucky for me I hadn’t worn underwear that day! It was then I knew my destiny.” Since she discovered her talent for not wearing clothes, Michelle’s prospects for a career have skyrocketed.

With luscious hips, long slender legs, a set of pouty,
crimson red lips, goddess-like elevated cheekbones, a gorgeous mane of silky
brown curls, healthy, perfectly oval breasts with silver dollar nipples and a
deliciously ripe, round ass, some experts believe that as long as she’s naked, Michelle
may be the most singularly talented person the world has ever produced.

It may be Michelle’s willingness to be so talented in front
of the cameras that will separate her from the rest of the hundreds of
thousands of ‘models’ on the internet. “Sure she’s special. She’s talented like I
ain’t never seen” panted her director, Oral Izer McHumpentuff, after the sweaty
six hour shoot with Michelle for Blowfinger. “Ain’t nobody’s talented like Michelle

Since she was a small child, Michelle had dreamed of a
moment when millions would unite and in unison celebrate her because of a
talent she and only she possessed. After responding to the ad for nude modeling
that led her to star in Flesh Fest Five, her one-of-a-kind ability to be
totally bare-ass naked may finally be acknowledged on a global scale.