Homemade Ramp Nets 2.3 Feet of Sweet Airtime!

GAINESVILLE, Florida – Eight year old Christopher Schroeder
celebrated with his neighborhood friend Joshua after launching his razor
scooter off a homemade ramp and soaring over 2 feet into the air. The successful
launch was accomplished after a long afternoon that included numerous failed attempts. One jump ended in a skinned knee,
and another hilarious attempt involved the crushing of Christopher’s testicles.

The boys’ makeshift ramp was created with a recycle bin from Christopher’s driveway
and two pieces of old plywood found in Joshua’s backyard. After a few crashes,
the boys were forced to make several adjustments to the contraption, including the angle of the
ramp boards and the length needed to gain enough momentum to launch the

“Sweet!” exclaimed Joshua, as Christopher soared majestically above
the ground before plummeting face-first into Mrs. Hubbard’s prize winning begonias. “That was the best one ever!” The elation of this truly momentous occasion lasted over 7 minutes, only to be forgotten when Christopher’s mother called them
inside for Sunny Delight and Rice Krispie treats.


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