White Actor Angry that Black Actor Got Othello Role

CHESAPEKE – A distraught Jason Girard stomped out of the Pantaloon
Theatre on Sunday, up in arms over not receiving a call-back for the lead role
in the theatre company’s upcoming production of Shakespeare’s Othello.

viewed this yet another in a long line of casting snubs. “All the great actors
played Othello at one time or another,” fumed Girard. “When Olivier did it, nobody
blinked. It’s the director, man. What, she thinks I can’t play a black man?.”

The plum role of Othello instead went to Leroy Stanton, an African American
man who graduated from Juilliard Acting School before moving to Chesapeke. Leroy displayed excitement at the
opportunity. “This is one of the few major roles in the classics where the
character is actually black. I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into the Bard’s wonderful material.”

This isn’t the first time Girard felt his talent was overlooked
in the casting of Pantaloon’s productions. Last season he was annoyed at being
overlooked for Evita despite showing up at the audition in a blond wig and
push-up bra, and he was livid that he wasn’t even considered for the lead in Annie
even though he vowed to “lose the weight”.

(picture courtesy of World of Stock)